You might be excited to start a new page in your life’s book. Your education in UK. We know that these are tiring times. To help your preparation we give you a page that has many useful links for International students planning to study in UK

Applying for Tier 4 VISA

1. UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) for Tier 4 Student Visa

You can start your Visa application, check eligibility, know the documents required and get all information about Visa from the link here.

2. VFS appointment link

You can verify your appointment,make changes to your booking, purchase additional services and do more from the VFS link here.

3. Immigration Health Surcharge

You need to pay a Immigration Health Surcharge to avail NHS services while you are in the UK. This charge varies on the duration of your stay and the country you are from. Please note that this will only cover situations that arise while you are in the UK and not existing illness. Use the link here.

4. Calculate Fund Requirements

You can calculate the fund requirements you will need if you know your fee and location of your University with the link here.

5. Alternate BRP Collection Point

While filling your application at UKVI , you should remember to fill in the University as alternate location to collect the BRP. The other option is a post office address which will be mentioned in your application or decision letter. But due to COVID-19 post offices may be closed. And its easier to collect it from your university. More details about BRP here.

Arriving in the UK

1. Accommodation and Passenger Locator Form

This year, due to COVID-19 outbreak there are a few changes in the process before arriving in the UK. You must have a place of accommodation. You can use Spareroom, StudentPad or accomodation for students. You should also fill this form. You cannot submit this form until 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK.

You may be refused permission to enter the UK (if you are not a British citizen), or fined if you do not to provide your contact details or do not self-isolate, unless you arrive in the UK from an exempt country.

2. Self Isolation

When you arrive in the UK, you will not be allowed to leave the place where you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK (known as ‘self-isolating’) unless you’re arriving from an exempt country. You can get more details from the UKVI Site.

3. BRP Collection

Collect your BRP once you’re in the UK. You must usually do this before the vignette sticker in your travel document expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK, whichever is later. You can collect it from your university if you have specified it in your application.

We do our best to keep this page updated, you must confirm all the information this page provides with the official web pages linked in each paragraph or the UKVI website. We do not accept any responsibility to the damage caused by information in this page.

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